Elhaz Berkana Teiwaz Hagalaz Ansuz Wunjo Jera Laguz Ehwas Pertho Fehu Raidho Kenaz Eihwas Othila Mannaz Nauthiz Isa Gebo Uruz Thurisaz Inguz Sowulo Dagaz

Three Rune Yes or No ?

On this page you will be able to cast three Runes for a reading with a more comprehensive Yes or No response. Each Rune has a meaning associated with it which will vary depending on whether the Rune is upright or inverted.

Decide on a question or a thought that you would like a Yes or No answer to.

Focus your energies on what you have written.
When you feel you are focused on this thought, click on this button and your reading will be displayed.

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Mannaz Gebo Raidho Teiwaz Sowulo Nauthiz Isa Wunjo Kenaz Berkana Jera Eihwas Laguz Inguz Hagalaz Ehwas Thurisaz Pertho Fehu Elhaz Dagaz Othila Uruz Ansuz